How It Works

1. Consult & Plan

First, let's chat.

Let's talk about where you are, what your next steps are, and how photography will help you get there.

Let's brainstorm and figure out all the little creative details and get you the results you're looking for.

2. Shoot & Edit

Photo day!

This is where we put all our planning into action and make our combined creative vision into a reality.

3. Deliver & Post

Hang tight!

Once your photos are edited, you will receive an online gallery of your files ready for you to upload on your platforms.

We're ready to create more when you are.

Frequently Asked

What's included in my package?
We offer 3 seperate packages as follows: Beginner - 1 hour monthly shoot - 20 images; Hospitality - 1 hour six weekly shoot - 30 images; and Deluxe - 2 hour monthly shoot - 40 images.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my package?
Of course! We understand you may want to dip your toes and start off with a beginner package before committing to a higher investment, so you are always welcome to upgrade your packages. However you cannot downgrade your package until after the minimum term.
Can I cancel my Subscription?
Subscriptions can be cancelled with 1 month notice provided after the minimum term has lapsed.
How do I schedule or reschedule my shoot?
Photoshoots can be scheduled or rescheduled via the link provided in the email. This will be confirmed with you.
How long do I have to wait for my images
All packges include a 48 hour turnaround time on your images.
Can I purchase additional images on top of my package inclusions?
Additional Images may be added to the selection at the extra cost of $50/image charged to the Client.

Anything left unanswered? Shoot us a message!